Aim of the institute

The aim of the Research Institute of Competitiveness and Economics is to raise problems for Hungarian economic policy and economic actors, to find answers, to analyze efficiency and effectiveness and to explore good practices with the tools of science and through cooperations created  via the conferences involving the economists, academics and policy-makers. The focus of the research is on corporate, macroeconomic, public finance, international economic integration and growth issues affecting the Hungarian economy, competitiveness and economic policy. Research areas include:

1. Competitiveness analysis on international competitiveness rankings, encouragement of corporate innovation and value chain innovation and socio-economic conditions of competitiveness.

2. Analysis of the sustainability, efficiency and structure of public finances. Budgetary rules, public finance processes, and the growth effects of public finances.

3. Structural factors of economic growth, international catching-up and convergence, evaluation of macroeconomic processes, determination of the sustainable development and growth trajectory from a Hungarian perspective, digitalisation processes aimed at improving productivity and the assessment of labor market trends.

4. Evaluation of money market and monetary developments.

5. European and global integration of the Hungarian economy from an economic and political economic point of view.

6. Foreign trade and investment position and processes from the point of view of companies, sectors, the state and the national economy, with Hungarian challenges in focus.

7. Evaluation of the multinational production chains and the Hungarian economic position occupied within it, and the exploration of the steps necessary to improve the position.

8. Theoretical and methodological research on development of the theory and tools of economics, international economics and political economy.